Secrets of Strength

Secrets of Strength softcoverby Earle Liederman

Reprint of a fascinating classic that everyone who is interested in sports,

muscles, strength and athletic feats must read. First published in 1925, this book contains almost everything one should know about how one can gain unusually great strength, about the famous strongmen of the past and their training methods… By one of the absolutely best informed – the authentic strength training super-expert Earle Liederman. Get it and start to study it – it’s really worth your time.

Table of Contents
  1. Inherited and Acquired Strength
  2. Power and Strength
  3. Strength Through Muscular Development
  4. Are Small Bones a Bar to Strength?
  5. Strength Through Natural Advantages
  6. “Quality of Muscle the Basis of Strength”
  7. “Strength Through Symmetry”
  8. Strength From Perfect Digestion
  9. The Importance of Big Lungs and Strong Heart
  10. The Secret of Nervous Energy
  11. Building Vital Force and Reserve Energy
  12. Building Strength