The Practice of Autosuggestion

The Practice of Autosuggestion

The Practice of Autosuggestion by the Method of Emile Coué

by C. Harry Brooks

Classical book on the universally popular autosuggestion method with the preface by its originator himself. This book in detail describes the nuances of the method, as well as its various uses. A valuable publication – both from the historical point of view and from the point of view of the common reader.

Some press opinions:

Westminster Gazette: Admirable from every point of view. … I recommend it strongly. It is brief, clear and sensible. The author incorporates most of what M. Coué himself has written or said on the method, but his own reflections upon it and his additional hints regarding its application in daily life are thoroughly sound and healthy.

Manchester Guardian: A valuable contribution … as a primer of the subject it could hardly be bettered.

Birmingham Post: The author can be congratulated on the extremely satisfactory manner in which he has made the practice of autosuggestion available to the public.

Spectator: An excellent guide. Beacon: It is written in a clear, forceful and interesting style, and we have no hesitation in naming it the most useful book on autosuggestion in the English language.

Daily Herald: A book that well deserves to be widely read.

Christian World: A simple, clear, interesting explanation . . . Those who want to get an insight into the meaning, practice and effects of autosuggestion could not do better than read this little book



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